TinyMochaDeer Commissions♡

Commissions are currently closed!

commission slot openings are announced on my Twitter and Instagram


prices vary depending a number of factors, including:
◇ the type of commission
◇ rendering
◇ character complexity (subject to a +10% fee)
◇ reference sheet clarity (rendered reference sheets are subject to a +5% fee)
◇ number of characters (any additional character is +75% of the base price)
all my prices are in USD.I currently only offer simple colored backgrounds. transparent files can be delivered upon request.

⊱ ────── {♡} ────── ⊰

1000px by 1000px @ 72ppi
light render: $20 ◇ full render: $28

⊱ ────── {♡} ────── ⊰

1800px by 2000+px @ 72ppi
light render: $30 ◇ full render: $40

⊱ ────── {♡} ────── ⊰

2100px by 2400+px @ 72ppi
light render: $45 ◇ full render: $60

⊱ ────── {♡} ────── ⊰

2400px by 2800+px @ 72ppi
light render: $70 ◇ full render: $85

⊱ ────── {♡} ────── ⊰
♡binary chibis♡

2400px by 2800+px @ 72ppi
light render: $30 ◇ full render: $40

⊱ ────── {♡} ────── ⊰
♡reference sheets♡

2800px by 4000+px @ 72ppi
sizing heavily depends on what is included in the reference sheet
all reference sheets come with a front, a back, an information panel, and a color palette.
base price for all the above: $120
I will not shade or render reference sheets.extras can be added upon request. below are the prices for a few common add-ons, feel free to ask if you want anything else!
◇ headshot: +$20
◇ props and items: +$10 per item
◇ flesh & blood closeup: +$15
◇ mouth closeup: +$10
◇ paw closeup: +$10
chibi outfits:
◇ for unique poses: +$25 per outfit
◇ for the same pose: +$25 for the first outfit, +$15 for each sequential outfit

⊱ ────── {♡} ────── ⊰
♡telegram stickers♡

512px by 512px @ 72ppiI currently only accept a maximum of 12 stickers at a time, this is to
protect my mental health and prevent burnout. you’re welcome to
commission me for more after I’ve completed your initial sticker pack
◇ telegram stickers are $10 each
◇ additional characters are +$7 per sticker they’re in
◇ YCH characters are +$5 per sticker they’re in

♡terms of service♡

my full terms of service can be found here.mobile-friendly terms of service can be found here.by commissioning me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service. failure to comply with my Terms of Service will result in a cancelled commission and removal from my queue.


Discord: TinyMochaDeer#3962

the links above are all ways to contact me for information regarding commissions. as I'm a pretty introverted person, please respect my boundaries and refrain from using these contacts as an invitation to personal conversation.

♡order form♡

in order to make things as smooth as possible, please provide the following information when asking about a commission or quote:◇ commission type
◇ desired pose and expression
◇ desired outfit, if any
◇ any additional notes or info
◇ a reference sheet or image of your character